Do you think the political elite are better than you?  Do you think they deserve to rule over you and tell you how to live?  Do you think elective office should be a twenty year career?  Do you think that your money belongs to the well connected to spend on pet projects, crony capitalists, and “consulting fees” for their relatives?

I Believe:

The government is best that governs least.

You are the world’s foremost expert on you, and that no elected official, no matter how intelligent, or wise, or educated has a better idea on how you should live than you do.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and no matter how pure of heart, centralized planners will always end up prioritizing their own interests over the public good.

Power corrupts, and the longer a politician is in office, the more corrupt they become.

Political dynasties are inherently corrupt, and no family has a right to rule.

When the people implemented term limits on local politicians, it was to tell them to serve their term, then go home to live under the rules like everyone else, not that it was time all of them to rotate one office over.

Government cannot be for the people unless it is of the people.

If Elected I Will:

Fulfill the duties of Mayor competently, professionally, and without favoritism.

Prioritize Public Safety, Good Roads, and Parks you want to bring your kids to.

Not seek reelection, because this city is not my personal property.


Andrew Dalby is a Colorado Springs native and small business owner.  He and Heather, his wife of 23 years, homeschool their 6 children.  He is passionate about government integrity, and needs your help to end the corruption in local government.


I am your anti-corruption Mayoral Candidate. As a small business owner, I’ve seen firsthand how the political elites in Colorado Springs have stacked the deck in favor of their cronies. I don’t think you pay taxes for me to hand out to friends, and I don’t think I deserve to rule you for a career.

Because a government cannot be for the people unless it is of the people.


Questions from a Citizen

A citizen posed the following questions. I have answered in line. These questions are for all candidates in the Mayoral Race in Colorado Springs 2023.  My questions are as follows. 1) Would You support expanding Hours of Operation for Public Transportation? Public Transportation as implemented in Colorado Springs is a cruel joke.  Like much of …

Election Integrity at the Board of El Paso County Commissioners-Proposed Resolution

To the Board of El Paso County Commissioners: My name is Andrew Dalby, Candidate for Colorado Springs Mayor.  I attended the 2022 Aug 23 Meeting of the Board.  Several members of the community expressed concern regarding the security and integrity of our voting process.  Unprompted, Commissioner Geitner expressed her opinion, explicitly stating for the record, …


I hate it when politicians beg for money.  I don’t want to do it.  Unfortunately, money wins elections.  If you’ve paid your taxes, you’ve already made a contribution to my opponent, since he’s triple dipping at the public funds well.

Furthermore, since my opponent has been in office for pretty much the entire century, he has name recognition.  I have to pay to advertise to get my name out.

To paraphrase an old saying, all that needs to happen for political corruption to prevail is for good people to contribute nothing.